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tv   [untitled]    July 9, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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promised and are anticipating. as we all know, in november last year, the voters are were lonely past prop g, which required collective bargaining, including for wages. after several months of bargaining, today, the board approved a three-year contract between the transit workers union and the mta. now that the contract has been formalized, it is critical that we track the implementation of the work rule changes to insure that these efficiencies and savings occur. muni service has been in everyone's life in the city, and in the limitation is critical, and we cannot just assume it is going to happen. we need to monitor it and hold
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mta accountable. the resolution will -- is requesting that the m.t.a. board require periodic reporting of the status of implementation of the work rules and corresponding savings that have been achieved, and that report would then be forwarded regularly to the board of supervisors so that we can monitor the work will implementation. i am also calling for a hearing to follow up on a church several months ago. we conducted the hearing, and the mta provided us with a number of ideas for improving service. i would like to hear from mta, and the public would like to hear about the status of those improvements. specifically, i want an tsa and recon park also to be there to talk about the right of way through the lowest part. anyone who has seen the muni right of way through dolores park knows that it is in bad shape, to say the least.
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there is graffiti. there's all sorts of other blights that happened there. to be honest, mta has not done a great job of maintaining that area and has not done a good job cooperating with rec and park to make sure the area is clean and safe. i want them to be there and i want new jersey to report on what it is due to improve the park and how it will be working with iraq in part to cooperate. i also want to note that on saturday night in the castro, we have our annual pinks saturday party. last year, there were shootings at the party. we made an extra effort this year to improve security, and it was -- although there are always incidents, there were no major incidents, no major violence, and despite a huge crowd -- i want to congratulate and thank the sisters of perpetual indulgence organized the event
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and did a great job and enhanced security as well as the police department, adult probation, and juvenile probation for working closely with the sisters to make sure it was safe. finally, an in memoriam for gene harris, who passed away as 66 years old. ms. harris spent decades on the front line of democratic party and lgbt politics. he built a statewide, non- partisan, lgbt political advocacy organization in california and nevada. she got her start as a field organizer. she was chief of staff to supervisor harry britt. she then served in sacramento.
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she is survived by her partner, and their children, her granddaughter, his siblings, and her mother, who just celebrated her 90th birthday. the rest i submit. >> thank you. supervisor avalos wanted to be re-referred. supervisor avalos: 90. in response to supervisor farrell's hearing request, i would like to partner with him. i like the idea of how we can sustain families in san of francisco, and want to make sure there is part of the frame work around that to look at what is working and how families choose to stay in the city. in my experience, i know a lot of families with young children, even elementary school and middle school kids, who want to make it a go here in san francisco. i think the reason why families stay is such an important thing
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to consider. if we lose children in the city, we are losing a big part of what makes san francisco so great, so i am very alarmed about declining families with young children in the city. i think and approach that looks also at the assets that are here and the resources that keep families here, that families aspire to stay in the city is well worth considering as well. i thank supervisor farrell for the hearing and look forward to working with you on it. >> thank you appear that concludes roll-call for introductions. -- thank you. that concludes will call for introductions. supervisor chiu: why don't we go to public comment? >> speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time. a member of the public would like a document to be displayed on the overhead projector, please clearly states such and
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remove the document when the screen should return to live coverage of the meeting. >> good afternoon, supervisors. stop the corporate rape of the public library. privatization of our public assets goes hand-in-hand with the degradation of our democratic principles and undermining traditions of open government and public participation. the one depends upon the other. the grifters who are ripping off the public cannot pretend to be benefactors and aristocrats. without secrecy and contempt for the public. abuse of the public is what makes it work. the library commission has become the most egregious sunshine by later in san francisco because they got their positions by suppressing accountability and democracy. that is what corp. -- one donors get for their money.
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the sunshine task force found a violation to be so egregious that was a willful violation of the requirements of the sunshine ordinance. after being referred to the ethics commission, a report was issued, i like acting, and quietly required of all public officials. violator was reelected president of the library commission because this is the mandate of privatization. the victim of treatment was not me, but it could have been anyone. has become typical of the contempt for democracy as we become grateful slaves rather than citizens. please send letters to the ethics commission or come to the meeting of monday, june 11. you know very well the forces of abuse that are unleashed by allowing private forces to raise private money with no accountability. the damage to our society is
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immeasurable, and the changes to our city are unsustainable. we all belong in san francisco. thank you. supervisor chiu: next speaker. >> it has been two years and 26 days since i learned the truth about 9/11 being an inside job. since then, i have basically no respect for 90% of the conservative talk-show hosts that i used to listen to. nevertheless, i remember falwell said it was a judgment by god for the homosexuals. now, of course, he is in heaven. you probably think he is in hell, but he is in heaven. i believe he now understands that 9/11 was the sixth trumpet. jesus called it the abomination of desolation, and daniel did, too, that would happen in the so-called 1290 days peer the apostle john that wrote the book of revelation called it the sixth trumpet, and that would
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plate -- take place not in 1290 days, but in the so-called 12 63.5. in order for me to build my case, i would need an hour, and i do not have that, obviously, and you are not going to grant that to me. i mentioned -- i mean, you mentioned several times in this brief meeting how you want to support the lgbt, and i think about the kings and what they did and how they deported the homosexuals in israel, and joseph but still fell far short of the requirement of what the mosaic code said to do. god said that the kings were to write their own copy of the bible so they would strictly follow the orders given by the almighty. king josiah did not support them. he tore their houses down. but the law of moses said they were strictly to follow and read every day of their lives so they would not be proud and so they would know would execute. on that list were not only adulterers, murderers, and
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scrapers, but homosexuals. it is not only those folks that go to hell. the best of men or the worst of men, according to jesus. it says do not kill, and if you kill, you are in danger judgment, but i say if you are angry with your brother without a cause, you are in danger of judgment, so everybody is a murderer. everybody is a liar, thief, adulterer, murderer. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. executive director of library users association. on june 16, the library commission held a meeting, at which it heard library claims that an elimination of printed notices to pages regarding over dos and reserves would save
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$100,000 per year. the very next day, library users association made an immediate disclosure request to see what the library might have in any way of information to support that statement. we have not yet received a single scrap of paper that relates to that request, which is now well over a week old, and the library, which has been a repeat offender, with respect to sunshine rules and laws, is now appearing to do it again, so that they can protect their claims without having to substantiate them. these are claims that they not only made at the library commission but had made to the supervisors and to the budget analysts and anyone -- the mayor, for example -- who is getting the library's budget. we also on that day and on monday the 20th requested information about budget information given to the mayor
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for the current proposed budget, and have gotten nothing with respect to that. also, changes from the prior year, and nothing with respect to that. we believe that is because the library is claiming that it has certain priorities and certain ways of expectations about outcomes, which it is simply unwilling to substantiate with any kind of information or documentation, and i can certainly tell you that they had a very nice story time, which was a fiction presentation at the budget and finance committee. thanks very much. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. here is a picture of a filipino performer, a good one. says he is a tough act to follow. that is what they say about me.
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that is a good picture, too. just wanted to say -- ♪ hey, board of supervisors, women and men play some good items for me i ain't sleepy, and there ain't no city i'm going to i don't want the budget to go away and then bring it back today cast your budget bell our way, and promise the city budget will not go under and hey, board of supervisors, women and men make it happen today cast your spell our way and do not let the budget go on and they rarely will do -- mayor lee will do hiws turn
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and a city that does everything a time to be the assessor a time to be the administrative time to be the board president time to be mayor time to be board of supervisors time to be board of supervisor'' aide it is not too late to everything in the city would do everything time to be the share of time to be the share of guard -- sheriff guard ♪ supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, board president and members of the
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board. i am a member of the human circle for the sole support group. we are survivors of homicide and advocates for those who are suffering from criminal activity. i am here to speak on behalf of a family right now. i am not at liberty to give their names because of the perpetrators not being caught yet. the family recently just suffered a serious illness -- i mean, a serious incident where a man was shot. he did survive. family right now is in need of housing right now. the emergency housing. they are dealing with the victim services, and because of the budget cuts to victim services, the family has not been placed in emergency housing as we speak. i am here to say to the board, if you know of any resources or any city properties that perhaps
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could be developed or turned into safe housing for families who suffer, you know, from violent crimes, the they're looking for such a place. we are dealing with quite a few families who live in san francisco, who worked in san francisco, and when this happens to them, they have to go back to the neighborhood where the actual crime took place, and that is what is happening with this family. they are in serious jeopardy for their lives because they have to return to the scene where the crime took place. so i am here advocating on behalf of those going through this, and ask the board to look into this. there is a lot of vacant school buildings, a lot of vacancies that the city owns that perhaps they could occupy for temporary housing for emergency housing for these reasons. the family right now is really hurting.
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thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> help is on the way. i am running for mayor of san francisco. supervisor chiu: excuse me, ma'am? >> i wish to address the issue of children's education. with that regard, i advocate the people by the greatest gifts i give my children. as a book of parenting from the heart as well as nonviolent communication. these books and themselves consent things around. i want things to be saved. i want things to be fair. in a worlds of art -- the words of archbishop desmond tutu, a person who is open to others, affirming of others does not feel threatened that others are able and good for e and she is properly should that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater role and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed. in this city, victims are victimized on a regular basis.
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there is no place that people are taken who are like myself on a regular basis be up at the library. disabled people cannot use the bathroom. the people who have their jobs -- no, you cannot come in. i am not going to watch your car. you're just annihilated. then you are victimized at the next stop. with the paramedics. no cameras. violence by the paramedics. violence in the hospital. it does not matter. it is not happening to you. but it is happening to you. we are part, and we stand together. we have to use our resources properly. the people of this city our resources. the money given to us, throwing it down the toilet. it is unacceptable. it is un-american. it is astounding that the fabrics of the community of falling apart. there are new grass roots that are developing. there was the school house.
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there are wonderful, brilliant things to be engaged with and to be supported and rewarded. supervisor chiu: thank you. are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in general public comment? seeing none, general public comment is closed. colleagues, there are no adoption without committee reference items. we have four minutes before our 3:00 special orders. why don't i suggest that we recess for four minutes, and we >> welcome back to the board of supervisors meeting. we have two special orders from
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3:00. i would ask that we take the first of these in case there any discussions that need to happen during the course of the other 3:00 special order. if i to them by up a representative, and if you could identify yourself for the record. >> item 44 is the public hearing for the resolution of the assessment costs, for sidewalks and curbs repairs. >> if we could have the representative? >> i am with the department of public works. this report is for -- for properties with repairs made by the city and to the inspection and repair program through april
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2011. during this time, the department inspected the sidewalks for diamond heights, in richmond, and the non held districts. -- knob hill districts. there were 1219 prepared notifications for the city agencies, and the city prepared 849 properties at a cost of $521,340. $576 for notifications to the
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private utility companies for a total of $1,097,938. of these notices, there were 639 invoices for the property owners, with 576 property owners paying, and the balance of the property owner with a sidewalk repairs based on the property-tax in a timely manner. in this report, we will be submitting 63 properties with outstanding invoices, to be placed as an assessment on the property tax.
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>> and are there any questions? thank you for your presentation. and are there any members of the public who wish to speak on these items? if you could please come up. every member of the public shall have three minutes to identify yourself, what the property is that you represent. >> i am the owner of the vacant lot and i thank you for giving me the opportunity to be here once more. i am not here to disclaim the charges by the department of public works. i am sorry to say this. this is just my expression of frustration.
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i did this -- and i met with the inspector, right away when this was fixed. and i explained to her the situation that the property location is a vacant lot, and i have plans to build a single- family residence unit. and i was just putting together the house according to the building code, and many other things like the land survey and the application their, and this process is the longest feature. and i would like for this to be accepted for review.
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the department of public works did not give me the chance with a compromise for some kind of arrangement. and there was no consideration at all. i strongly feel that the invoicing is a financial burden. and when all the utilities on the ground, i will be required to rebuild the sidewalk. and to install a new sidewalk. all of this, with 13 square feet that will be drilled again. i was given a chance to voice this, and for you to give this
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to me. this is, this is one of the ways, contrary to what i have paid to the department of public works. this is the invoice from the department of public works. this is charged -- may i finish? >> you have an opportunity to speak in a few moments. >> good afternoon, i represent the property at the nasa avenue. -- at vanessa avenue.
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everything else was with a previous owner at the previous address. we are sending out the correct invoice. we did not know about these problems. we did not have a chance to respond. the first time we heard this was a notice for today's hearing. >> and are there any other members of the public? can you step up to the center aisle? and if there are other members of the public, please step up. >> i live on 17th avenue, and i had a first notice about the repairs.
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i had -- he said that we had informed about this. they did not ask me any permission about this, and i called him, he said that they would open this for you, and i was not agreed to this. this is to war 12 inches. >> -- two or 12 inches. >> next on the assesment costs.
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>> it is important to realize how important that the sidewalks are for people. there is no easy access to fixing this. it is important that we have the accountability. instead of having these complaints -- they complain about whatever department or city employment or employee, that they are doing their job correctly. it does not matter if you are not disabled. but if you are this could be the difference in living as a refugee in your country, or as you should be able to be. we should have life, liberty,